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Please be on time. If you arrive late, you will miss valuable treatment time. In consideration of other clients who need appointments, please allow 24 hours notice for cancellations. Questions about services that are best suited to you can be answered when scheduling your appointment.
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Skin Therapy for the Face
Spa Facial
This intensely personalized facial treats the skin and the soul. It includes a complete skin analysis, deep cleansing, steam, hydration and moisturizing. Treatment is individualized with a selection of essential oils in both massage creams and masks. Revel in the soothing hydration of hand therapy with heated mittens. Your spirit will radiate from the inside out.
90 minute session - $85.00
Classic Facial
A time-wise and treatment-smart facial, customized to your skin care needs. In one hour, this 5-step facial will have you ready to face the world again. A must for a radiant and healthy complexion.
60 minute session - $70.00
Acne Relief
During our consultation, diet, stress, and genetics will be evaluated and you will gain maximum benefit from a facial planned to fit your needs. With gentle cleansing and masking, inflammation of the skin is calmed. A unique high-frequency machine painlessly kills bacteria on a deep level. Treatment concludes with education and discussion of your daily skincare.
60 minute session - $70.00
Skin Refining Glycolic Treatment
Simple and to the point: softer, smoother, more brilliant skin. Natural glycolic acid is applied to accelerate dead skin removal, followed with an intensive moisturizing treatment. You will feel and see immediate results.
A series of 3 to 6 peels is recommended.
60 minute session - $70.00
Microderm Abrasion with Peel
This combination is very effective on light scars, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, sun damage, and hyper-pigmentation by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, then treating the new skin with a customized peel or mask. This treatment is a great non-surgical way, with no down time, to visibly change your skin.
60 minute session - $95.00
Added to Acne Relief Facial - $45.00
Specific area treatments added to any facial:
Eyes - $20.00
Jaw - $15.00
Neck - $20.00
Décolleté - $40.00
Upper lip - $15.00
Make Up
Professional Make-up Application
Make your birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any day extra special. Sit back, relax, and learn a few professional makeup tips during your application.
Session - $45.00

Bridal Beauty
This is a no stress event. We start with a pre-wedding consultation and application. When you love the results, we record the process for future reference on a face chart and the time of the application is scheduled. On your special day, you will be made-up to perfection in half-an-hour. You’ll “face” your wedding feeling calm and beautiful.
                                                    Consultation and application at Elements Day Spa:
                   $105.00 – for bride
                    $45.00 – each for mothers and bridesmaids
Consultation at Elements Day Spa, application at wedding location on wedding day:
                   $175.00 – for bride
                   $55.00 – each for mothers and bridesmaids
Skin Therapy for the Body
Back Facial
Fabulous year-round weather means the upper arms and back are continuously exposed. Keep that skin soft, clear, and touchable with this detoxifying skin therapy
60 minute session - $75.00
Heated Stone Foot Massage
Tension and fatigue will melt away as heated stones nourish tense muscles, and increase circulation in the feet. The comforting pressure and the weight of the stones, added to the foot massage will gently coax you into a state of pure relaxation. Combined with one of our amazing facials, the body and mind will create a euphoric response.
With facial - $35.00
Alone - $40.00
Waxing for women 
Brow Shaping - $17.00
Lip - $12.00
Chin - $12.00
Under Arm - $20.00
Arms - $35.00+
Half Leg - $35.00+
Full Leg - $60.00+
Waxing for men
Brow Clean-up - $17.00
Chest - $40.00+
Back - $45.00+
Full Leg - $80.00+
Shoulders - $25.00+
Stomach - $25.00+
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